Innovative Trading Solutions at Your Fingertip

The 360T Active Markets offering includes 360TGTX for anonymous Spot trading, our Swaps orderbook 360T SUN (Swaps User Network), and Streaming NDFs. Each of these products enables market participants to conduct their FX transactions in a more efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.

Core Features & Benefits

360TGTX is a fully managed anonymous trading venue offering market participants multiple methods for accessing and interacting with FX liquidity.

360T SUN is a fully automated FX Swaps limit order book with a mid-rate matching capability supported by an automated bilateral credit model.

360T’s streaming NDFs, designed to complement our disclosed RFS offering, are a response to market demand for an alternative hedging venue.

Get the most out of 360TGTX Suite

FX Futures
Innovative products designed to offer greater flexibility are offered alongside traditional FX Futures
FX Clearing
A capital efficient post-trade solution for FX products such as EFPs and NDFs that eliminates the need for bilateral credit relationships
FX Algos
A range of tools designed to help clients to control market impact and achieve best execution in the FX market
Regulated OTC trading platforms that let users transact in a safe, fully compliant manner
Market Data
A range of unique data sets specifically designed to empower trading desks
A comprehensive suite of powerful data tools and analytics delivering in-depth insights for all market participants

Adhering to the highest regulatory standards

We know how important meeting your regulatory requirements is to you. And that is why it is important to us.

Now, perhaps more than ever, regulatory and compliance obligations are top-of-mind for participants in the wholesale FX markets. Recognising this, 360T’s has developed a suite of products and services designed to help firms achieve greater efficiency, transparency and improved performance across their FX operations whilst also adhering to the highest regulatory standards, both now and in the future.

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360TGTX – Fully Managed Anonymous Trading

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360T SUN

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Streaming NDFs

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