360T’s White Label/Intragroup Solutions let firms deploy our world class trading technology for a closed user group.

For many firms there is no strong economic rationale for building their own proprietary FX trading solutions when they can instead deploy Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) from third-party vendors which offers them all of the functionality they need at a fraction of the cost of an in-house build. This is where the I-TEX Intragroup system comes into play. 360T’s proprietary branded single dealer trading platform can be rolled out to branches and/or external clients.

I-TEX Intragroup Trading System

Supports Multiple Pricing Models

The I-TEX technology supports manual and automated pricing of Request for Streaming (RFS), instantly Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and several Limit Order types.

Offers a Sophisticated Pricing Engine

The system is designed with an intuitive logic, has an embedded auto pricing engine for absolute trading control, including spreads, maturities, product type, as well as plug & play rollout facilities for instant deployment.

Access Top Quality Data Feeds

I-TEX ensures 24/5 access to competitive pricing through real-time Market Data Feeds and back-to-back liquidity services from over 200 providers. The Intragroup Trading System offers the full trading features and benefits of the TEX® offering.

Additional Features Available

Comprehensive Order Management for the entire closed user group
Plug & play installation
24h availability and support across time zones

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