Our innovative FX Futures products combine the benefits of both the OTC and Listed markets.

FX Futures offer multiple benefits: as centrally cleared products they can be a very cost-efficient alternative to holding and servicing bilateral OTC FX positions. Trading occurs via a transparent central limit orderbook of firm pricing, with a single (all-to-all) pricing model that enables top quality price discovery. However, the Listed FX market has always been substantially smaller in size than the OTC market, in part because it was believed that they could not offer the same level of flexibility as these OTC contracts. Through the internationally recognised Eurex Exchange, 360T now offers innovative new FX Futures – such as off-exchange liquidity pools for trading Block Futures and EFPs or Rolling Spot Futures – that mimic the flexibility of OTC contracts whilst still offering the advantages of the traditional Futures market.

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FX Futures by David Holcombe, Product Lead for FX Futures and Clearing at 360T
Rolling Spot Futures by David Holcombe, Product Lead for FX Futures and Clearing at 360T

Core Features

Direct Orderbook Access

Manage limit orders through 360T for execution at the exchange and ask for view-only access while your Eurex FX trading setup is being put in place.

Streaming Block Futures Pricing

Interact as a price taker with your “enhanced orderbook” comprising the exchange pricing plus the bilateral liquidity available in your LP basket.

As an LP, you can quote from your own pricing engine via existing 360T API, or use our Market Maker Cockpit to generate and control your Futures pricing, to bilaterally face any 360T client without the need for a credit relationship with them.

Request for Quote/Stream Orders

As a price taker, you have the option to put your Futures LPs in competition on each order. This is the perfect model for larger trades where you want an immediate risk transfer price, and/or you need to exceed the depth of liquidity currently available in the exchange orderbook.

LPs can use our Trader Worksheet to interactively price and negotiate Futures orders with your disclosed clients.


Trading in the Exchange orderbook
All-to-All model – where all participants face the same price
LPs fulfilling quoting obligations ensure liquidity 23h/day
Full anonymity – totally undisclosed pre-at-post trade
Exchange members providing access for non-members
Firm liquidity – no last look, the exchange matches buyer and seller of each order
Taker can sweep to trade up to the depth of the book
Transparency of data and activity for price discovery and best execution


Futures trades agreed bilaterally, given-up to the exchange to print (execute and clear)
Outright buy/sells using BLOCK FUTURES, and EFP transactions to move OTC position into Futures (and vice-versa)
Indistinguishable from on-exchange trading positions once cleared, with full netting between on/off exchange positions
Bilateral, relationship-based trading with fully disclosed models pre-trade (perfect fit with OTC FX models)
Exchange members providing access for non-members
LPs have no quoting obligations, so can tailor the price to exactly suit their client’s request
Trading in any size based on relationship and requirements, means no constraint to the level of liquidity currently in the book

FX Futures Fact Card

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