A Truly Comprehensive Suite of Market Data Feeds

Through our Essential Data Feed (EDF), Swaps Data Feed (SDF), Historical Data Feed (HDF), Flows Data Feed (FDF) and Precious Metals Data Feed (PMF), 360T is able to deliver numerous benefits to a range of different client segments.

Today, more than ever, business and trading decisions are driven by data and this is a trend that will only become more prevalent over time. Recognising this, 360T has invested heavily in recent years to build out an award-winning suite of data products which provide market participants with quality and actionable information that is essential to supporting confident price discovery and competitive price determination.

Encompassing market activity across Interbank, Institutional and Corporate customer segments, on disclosed and undisclosed connections, across global time zones, 360T Market Data Services provide high quality, independent and reliable data across Spot, Swaps, Forwards and Precious Metals.

Delivering real time and historical data via dedicated FIX connections or via a number of information venues, 360T can connect to virtually any application software, facilitating streamlined sourcing of market information.

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Essential Data Feed
Essential Data Feed, your Streaming Spot market data reference for all your needs.
Swaps Data Feed
Swaps Data Feed. A unique, independent, reliable source of Streaming Swaps market data from the OTC market.
The Full FX Unfiltered: How Data is Changing the FX Swaps Market
In this episode of the Full FX by Colin Lambert, Lydia Solinski, market data product manager at 360T, talks about the 360T’s Swaps Data Feed (SDF) and why it is changing the way participants engage in the FX swaps market.

The Products

Essential Data Feed (EDF)

The EDF delivers a comprehensive view of the Spot FX market, delivering both the calculated Mid and Bid/Ask Spreads in multiple pricing tiers.

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Swaps Data Feed (SDF)

Sourced directly from the pricing engines of banks, the SDF is a truly unique and innovative product that delivers reliable, accurate Streaming Swaps Market Data in 1,800 crosses in G10, LM and NDF currency pairs.

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Historical Data Feed (HDF)

The HDF supports clients in the analysis and display of historical data and the traceability of exported prices, enabling them to turn data into information, and information into insight.

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Flows Data Feed (FDF)

The FDF is an aggregated daily representation of all the FX Spot and Forwards flows traded on 360T. It offers insights into volumes, directions and trends across FX executions.

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Precious Metals Data Feed (PMF)

The Precious Metals Data Feed (PMF), shines a light on a previously opaque marketplace, enabling traders to significantly enhance their Precious Metals trading capabilities. It captures unique market intelligence, supporting enhanced price discovery and execution benchmarking.

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360T Market Data Services

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Flows Data Feed

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How Technology and Data are Unlocking FX Automation

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