Designed for traders, by traders

Created in close collaboration with FX execution desks, 360T´s Bridge RFS Live Pricing GUI is architected with the specific needs of traders in mind. It provides a high degree of user friendliness and offers an intuitive and highly customisable experience through a variety of useful features and functionalities.


Adaptive Look and Feel

Bridge offers different design themes, deal confirmation preferences and settings that can be changed to match trader’s keyboards. Users can completely personalise their view so that they only see the relevant products.

RFS Live pricing

Users of Bridge are able to quickly configure many currency pair panels for different product types at once. They can also adjust the panel sizes for individual or multiple panels, as well as tenors. A two-way price option helps firms avoid disclosing the direction of their trades.

Commodities Trading

To complement the FX trading suite, Bridge also offers access to commodities and energy products.

Deal Tracking

Bridge’s deal tracking table can be adjusted to personal preferences and is to export. Crucially, it offers a search functionality which lets users conduct searches on current and historical data up to 12 months old using multiple filters and different parameters to refine this search.

360T Differentiators


Recognising that different traders will have different preferences and needs, Bridge is designed to offer a high degree of flexibility and customisation. From creating and configuring individual windows to adaptable live pricing and panel, deal track and execution tracking area settings, the GUI maps to the look and feel desired by the user.

Modern Design

360T’s Bridge is the realisation of intense conceptual work, planning and implementation. As a result, we have been able to fuse together world-class trading functionality – which has long been a hallmark of 360T – with a sleek, clean and modern design to offer the ultimate FX trading experience for users.

MIFID II Compliant

In 2018 MIFID II introduced new regulatory requirements for certain investment firms, a change that required a huge operational and technological lift by a wide range of FX market participants. 360T’s Bridge enables users to execute their FX transactions secure in the knowledge that they are meeting all of their regulatory obligations under MIFID II.

Additional Features

Competitive Bidding
Familiar workflows have been enhanced within Bridge. Competitive Bidding lets users compare pricing from multiple liquidity providers at once.
Switch Between Different Entities
Bridge’s Trade-As functionality enables traders execution on behalf of different legal entities to quickly and easy shift between them.
Improved Workflows
Mini tickets are included in the Bridge Execution Area. Within this feature it’s possible to acknowledge, close and export tickets.

Get the most out of Bridge

FX Futures
Innovative products designed to offer greater flexibility are offered alongside traditional FX Futures
FX Clearing
A capital efficient post-trade solution for FX products such as EFPs and NDFs that eliminates the need for bilateral credit relationships.
FX Algos
A range of tools designed to help clients to control market impact and achieve best execution in the FX market
Regulated OTC trading platforms that let users transact in a safe, fully compliant manner
Market Data
A range of unique data sets specifically designed to empower trading desks
A comprehensive suite of powerful data tools and analytics delivering in-depth insights for all market participants

Adhering to the Highest Regulatory Standards

We know how important meeting your regulatory requirements is to you. And that is why it is important to us.

Now, perhaps more than ever, regulatory and compliance obligations are top-of-mind for participants in the wholesale FX markets. Recognising this, 360T’s has developed a suite of products and services designed to help firms achieve greater efficiency, transparency and improved performance across their FX operations whilst also adhering to the highest regulatory standards, both now and in the future.

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