Providing greater workflow efficiencies, reduced market risk and increased control

360T’s Execution Management System (EMS) is a functionally rich, easily configurable system which offers customised workflow solutions designed to cater for a wide range of trading requirements. Easily integrated into Order Management Systems (OMS) or Treasury Management Systems (TMS), it is the perfect solution for Real Money Managers or Corporate Treasurers looking to trade in a smarter, faster, safer and more cost-efficient manner.

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360T's Execution Management System (EMS)
Learn how 360T’s EMS provide greater workflow efficiencies, reduced market risk and increased control
Top 3 Reasons to Use 360T´s EMS
End-to-end workflow automation with 360T’s EMS using the example of Zalando and SAP


Ease of Integration

Our EMS is specifically designed to be seamlessly and easily integrated into firm’s existing workflows

Automated Trading

Advanced automation tools enable traders to focus on the value-add areas of their business

Reduced Operational Risk

Using our EMS significantly reduces the risk of human error during the trading process

Increased Control

A highly customisable, rules-based trading system allows firms to take complete control over trading desk activity

Greater Efficiency

Our EMS helps to drive costs down and help firms improve their bottom-line

The 360T

Maximised Scalability

We offer a set of highly customisable automated-trading tools that can free-up individual staff to focus on more complex trades, significantly amplifying the amount of activity that the desk can safely handle. Create your own set of bespoke rules for auto-execution based on a combination of notional amount size, fund, currency pair, value date, deal type or any other attributes of the order.

Powerful Smart Order Routing

360T facilitates order routing to users and groups with pre-defined, permission control-based order parameters. This allows firms to tightly control the operational risk around the trading process and ensure that they maintain adherence to all their internal compliance rules.

Netting Optimisation

Our 360T Portfolio Builder allows firms to quickly identify netting opportunities and orders that do not contribute to netting. This subsequently lets firms maximise broker competition and offset risk for every order they execute.

Unique Market Data

We offer a truly unique set of FX market data, which are fully integrated within the EMS and can be used as a benchmark for tolerance checking, in addition to price and slippage validation before, during and after a trade is executed. This Data is also used in the cross currency netting process when working out counter currency amounts, thereby minimising the size of the residual which is often absorbed by the liquidity provider.

More Liquidity Sources

360TGTX is an ECN for Real Money firms who are used to trading on a bilateral basis. Through exposure to pricing from other liquidity providers they usually would not have, it depicts a real opportunity for firms to create added value. It also offers them the ability to trade anonymously, helping to limit their market impact when executing FX trades.

Additional features

Easily configurable, rules-based organization of orders, views and signals
Workflow Automation
Customised workflow, options of auto sorting and rules-based auto execution for low-or no-touch dealing
Compliance Modules
Alerts and controls to facilitate conformance with regulatory obligations,e.g. MiFID II’sCode of Business Sourcebook
Multiple trading methods
Next to trading on MTF, SEF or OTC, use RFQ, RFS, ESP and single bank Algos
Risk Capabilities
Ability to build and view buckets of net FX risk

See how 360T works for you

Our products and services have been proven to deliver a whole host of benefits. Here are just a few of the specific advantages that you could derive from implementing 360T's technology solutions:

A Complete Suite of FX Products

Our EMS offers FX Spot, NDF, Outright Forwards, Swaps and Options trading. Allows for both manual and auto-execution.

Built in TCA

Client-specific historical spreads are displayed within the application.

Order and Risk Splitting

Users have the flexibility to work orders in a fashion that minimises information leakage and market impact.

Post-Trade Allocation/Offline Confirmations

Book allocations or voice deals and even include competitive quotes for compliance and best execution purposes whilst maintaining Straight-Through-Processing with your OMS.

Executable Streaming Prices (ESP)

Every tick is captured, collated and stored within the cloud, allowing users to build-out advanced TCA.

Regular Release Cycles

New releases are pushed directly to the platform and require no manual upgrade by the client.

Collection of Internal Requirements

Requirements from group sub-entities are automatically captured and centralised, reducing manual processes and operational risk.

Aggregation of Internal Requests

Netting & Blocking functionality can be used to reduce the number of external deals with banks, minimising transactions and settlement costs.

Managing Risk

Our EMS offers treasurers greater flexibility for handling risk within their organisation.

Margining of Internal Tickets

Head offices can collect margin for providing services to sub-entities.

Automation of TMS Inputs

Inputting tickets to the TMS can be automated, eliminating a manual and highly time-consuming process.

Cross-Currency Netting

The speed of our cross-currency netting functionality helps reduce losses from market moves.

Get the most out of EMS

FX Futures
Innovative products designed to offer greater flexibility are offered alongside traditional FX Futures
FX Clearing
A capital efficient post-trade solution for FX products such as EFPs and NDFs that eliminates the need for bilateral credit relationships
FX Algos
A range of tools designed to help clients to control market impact and achieve best execution in the FX market
Regulated OTC trading platforms that let users transact in a safe, fully compliant manner
Market Data
A range of unique data sets specifically designed to empower trading desks
A comprehensive suite of powerful data tools and analytics delivering in-depth insights for all market participants

Adhering to the highest regulatory standards

We know how important meeting your regulatory requirements is to you. And that is why it is important to us.

Now, perhaps more than ever, regulatory and compliance obligations are top-of-mind for participants in the wholesale FX markets. Recognising this, 360T has developed a suite of products and services designed to help firms achieve greater efficiency, transparency and improved performance across their FX operations whilst also adhering to the highest regulatory standards, both now and in the future.

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