Our Unique Network of Counterparties

With its global presence, local market accessiblity and technological expertise 360T enables Liquidity Providers (LPs) to access a network consisting of over 2,600 buy-side firms worldwide.

360T lets LPs access a truly global and diverse range of market participants via a range of different OTC and listed execution channels. By leveraging our technology LPs have opportunity to market their individual core competences in the OTC market to a wide spectrum of top tier Corporate Treasuries, Institutionals, Market Taker Banks and Broker/Dealers.

The Right Products

High performance technology solutions designed to support and enhance your business.
Bridge is 360T’s RFS live pricing GUI. Designed for traders, by traders, it offers a seamless trading experience.
360T's Active Trading Suite
The 360T’s Active Trading Suite is comprised of three different innovative offerings: the 360TGTX ECN, our Swaps orderbook 360T SUN and our Streaming NDFs service.

Enhance your 360T products

Market Maker Cockpit
Dynamic pricing engine technology that puts users in the driving seat when it comes to price construction and distribution
FX Futures
Innovative products designed to offer greater flexibility are offered alongside traditional FX Futures
Market Data
A range of unique data sets specifically designed to empower trading desks

See How 360T Works for You

Our products and services have been proven to deliver a whole host of benefits to Institutional Clients. Here are just a few of the specific advantages that you could derive from implementing 360T's technology solutions:

Boosted Distribution Channel

A single powerful connection with a profitable distribution channel to a broad range of Corporate, Market Taker Bank and Institutional flow.

Increased Revenues

Automated pricing of online requests leads to increased deal flow. Sales desks are then free to focus on high-margin products, relationship management and non-standardised requests.

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating the capture, processing and settlement of the transaction, LPs can significantly improve their operational efficiency.

FX Futures and Clearing

Exploit new opportunities for disclosed Block Futures and Cleared FX.

Advanced Reporting

All LPs receive a full monthly breakdown of trading request and execution activity according to counterparty, product and currency and currency pair, along with time and quality measurement of trading response.

Deal Confirmation

Read-only mode for back office, export to e-mail, printer, spread sheet and a full history of activities with individual filter mode.

Reduced Operational and Credit Risk

Transcription errors are eliminated by single entry and straight-through-processing of data. An optional online limit check solves the problem of credit risk.

Improved Market Access

Competitive pricing helps LPs target and win new customers within 360T’s attractive and highly diverse group of clients.

Cost Savings

360T’s technology enables LPs to make their trading desks more efficient, freeing up time and resources that can be deployed in support of the most important elements of their business.

Unique Data Sets

We offer a suite of proprietary FX market data that can give Liquidity Providers the edge when it comes to price formation.

Training and Support

360T offers comprehensive 24h/5 Sales and Technical Support. A separate test server environment is provided for training purposes.

Bank Independence

360T’s independent and neutral market approach provides an ideal platform on which counterparties can trade OTC financial instruments with confidence and mutual trust.

Helping You Play to Your Strengths

Liquidity provision is a highly competitive business and that’s why, in addition to reaching the right counterparts, LPs need to make sure that they have all the right tools at their disposal to optimise their price formation and distribution. That is why 360T has also developed a set of products and services designed to help LPs gain an edge by maximising their performance across a variety of different products and execution channels.

FX Spot
FX Forwards
FX Swaps (even and uneven)
FX Futures
Off-exchange Block Futures and EFP
FX Options
FX Limit Orders
Precious Metals
Energy/Fuel Commodities
Time Loans/Deposits including Rollovers
Money Market Funds

Bank-to-Bank Trading

Leading solutions for interbank trading
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Market Maker Cockpit

Take control of your pricing
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Fully managed anonymous trading
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Market Data Services

Unique. Independent. Reliable.
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