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360T serves the needs of Corporate Treasurers by providing technology solutions enabling them to access liquidity from more than 200 Liquidity Providers.

In today’s fast-evolving and increasingly competitive market environment, Corporate Treasurers are forced to contend with a wide range of issues such as market, counterparty and price risk and efficient liquidity management across different asset classes. As a result, Corporate Treasuries need access to infrastructure that effectively streamlines their trading activity, allowing them to stay focused on their key day-to-day treasury operations.

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360T Trading Platform Integration in SAP's S/4 Hana
Video by SAP
End-to-end workflow automation with 360T’s EMS using the example of Zalando and SAP
Vollintegrierte Workflow Optimierung mit 360T’s Intragroup EMS bei Siemens Energy

The Right Products

High performance technology solutions designed to support and enhance your business.
360T’s EMS is a functionally rich and complete solution that allows a Corporate Treasury operation or a real-money client like an Asset Manager, to completely automate their trading processes.
Bridge is 360T’s RFS live pricing GUI. Designed for traders, by traders, it offers a seamless trading experience.
SuperSonic Trader
360T offers real-time aggregation of Streaming Spot liquidity from both bilateral providers and our anonymous ECN.
360T's Active Trading Suite
The 360T’s Active Trading Suite is comprised of three different innovative offerings: the 360TGTX ECN, our Swaps orderbook 360T SUN and our Streaming NDFs service.

See How 360T Works for You

Our products and services have been proven to deliver a whole host of benefits to Corporate clients. Here are just a few of the specific advantages that you could derive from implementing 360T's technology solutions:

A range of OTC Products

Ability to trade an extensive range of OTC products through a single venue.

Transparent Pricing

Greater efficiency in sourcing of FX, Interest Rate and FX Derivative products from multiple providers simultaneously.

Straight-Through Processing (STP)

Online automatic electronic deal export interfaces provide seamless integration to any Treasury Management System.

Cleared FX and FX Futures

Access to cleared FX and FX Futures.

Audit Trail

A complete trade history, audit trail and record of competitive bids are maintained for each transaction.

Performance and Activity Reports

Detailed reporting of all trading activities and performance parameters from Market Maker Banks is delivered free of charge on a monthly, semi-annually and annually aggregated basis.

Fast Implementation

Our web-based technology means that implementing and installing our solutions is quick and easy. The process is the same as installing any other browser-based service.


No monthly access fees and no transaction charges, no matter which instruments you trade.


360T’s independent and neutral market approach provides an ideal platform on which counterparties can trade OTC financial instruments with confidence and mutual trust.

Support / Training / Post-Sales Support

360T offers comprehensive 24h support. A separate test server environment is provided for client demonstration and training purposes.

I-TEX Intra-Group Trading System

I-TEX offers Treasurers the option of automating standardised internal hedge and funding requests from global subsidiaries to their corporate central Treasury desk, which then acts as an in-house Bank.

Order Management Tool

360T’s scalable Order Management System is designed to support and simplify the FX Limit Order process.

Best Price Execution

Find MiFID compliant best price execution in each ticket and in comprehensive reporting, together with detailed transaction cost analysis reporting.

Unique Market Data

360T offers a suite of proprietary, independent market data products to help Corporate Treasurers. This data can be used for end of day position revalutions, valuation of accounts, calculation of indices, reporting, auditing and research and analysis.

Leveraging Over 20 Years of Experience Helping Corporate Treasurers

When 360T first launched over 20 years ago, it was primarily focused on servicing Corporate Treasurers, and as a result our technology was designed specifically with this client segment in mind. Since then, we have greatly expanded our client base and the number of products and services we offer, but we have always utilised our experience of working in close collaboration with Corporates to maintain our position as the best FX technology partner for these firms – a fact that has been recognised with numerous industry awards. And even as we continue to innovate and further improve our offering everyday, at 360T we bring this deep knowledge and understanding of how Treasury desks operate in order to ensure that we are meeting all of their trading needs.

FX Spot
FX Forwards
FX Swaps (even and uneven and forward starting)
FX Futures & Clearing
FX Rollovers
FX Time Options
FX Options
FX Limit Orders
Precious Metals
Energy/Fuel Commodities
Time Loans/Deposits including Rollovers
Money Market Funds
European Commercial Paper

EMS for Corporates

One integrated system for Corporate Treasuries
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360T for Corporates

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Money Markets

Deposits & Money Market Funds
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BASF Value Report

Key benefits of 360T’s EMS for BASF
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Market Data for Corporates

Unique data sets to empower your trading
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