A Full Range of Solutions for Banks

In a technically evolving and ever more competitive market environment the positioning and focus of Banks can always change. Banks therefore look for technology that allows them to position themselves flexibly as electronic rate providers across different asset classes, products or currencies. 360T is the ideal solution for Banks as it allows them to act simultaneously as both a Market Maker and Market Taker, while also representing a major distribution channel of choice to their buy-side clientele. Therefore, 360T provides a full range of efficient business solutions for Market Taker and Market Maker Banks.

The Right Products

High performance technology solutions designed to support and enhance your business.
Bridge is 360T’s RFS live pricing GUI. Designed for traders, by traders, it offers a seamless trading experience.
SuperSonic Trader
360T offers real-time aggregation of Streaming Spot liquidity from both bilateral providers and our anonymous ECN.
360T's Active Trading Suite
The 360T’s Active Trading Suite is comprised of three different innovative offerings: the 360TGTX ECN, our Swaps orderbook 360T SUN and our Streaming NDFs service.

Enhance your 360T products

Market Maker Cockpit
Dynamic pricing engine technology that puts users in the driving seat when it comes to price construction and distribution
A fully fledged routing, margining and credit system that enables automated trading
A range of unique data sets specifically designed to empower trading desks

See How 360T Works for You

Our products and services have been proven to deliver a whole host of benefits to Institutional Clients. Here are just a few of the specific advantages that you could derive from implementing 360T's technology solutions:


Streaming for FX Spot, Forward, Swaps and Money Market (without partial filling or rejected quotes).

Executable Streaming Spot – SuperSonic Trader

SuperSonic Trader is 360T’s professional solution for ultimately liquid and fast FX Spot trading. It provides aggregated executable streamed prices from multiple stream providers enabling users to view and execute full market depth in all deliverable currency pairs.

Best Execution

Improved price transparency and greater efficiency in sourcing liquidity from multiple providers simultaneously means that Funds can be confident of achieving best execution.

Pre- and Post-Trade

Online electronic interface provides seamless integration to any treasury management system and to Traiana’s Harmony prime brokerage network.

MiFID Compliant Audit Trail

A complete trade history, audit trail and record of competitive bids are maintained for each transaction.

Performance and Activity Reports

Detailed reporting of all trading activities and performance parameters from Liquidity Providers is delivered free of charge every month and half year on an aggregated basis.

Prime Brokerage

360T provides integration to prime broker services for better access to prices and deeper liquidity.

FX Futures

Our FX Futures, offered via Eurex Exchange, offer a very cost-efficient alternative to holding and servicing a bilateral OTC FX positions. In addition, trading occurs via a transparent central limit orderbook of firm pricing, with a single (all-to-all) pricing model that enables top quality price discovery.

Ease of Implementation

360T offers truly web-based solutions, meaning that there is no installation or terminal needed. As a result, implementing our technology is fast, easy and places no great demands on your IT resources.

I-TEX Intra-Group Trading System

I-TEX allows a Market Taker Bank to offer a proprietary branded trading service to its branch network, Asset Management division and direct customers. The solution supports professional trading across multiple instruments, FX limit order management and trading on margin basis. A rule-based pricing and margin engine, comfortably configured and controlled from a desktop, differentiates pricing by client entity, instrument, currency, tenure and notional.

Training and Support

360T offers comprehensive 24h/5 Sales and Technical Support. A separate test server environment is provided for training purposes.

Unique Data Sets

We offer a suite of proprietary FX market data that can help Banks improve their FX trading and ensure that they meet all of their best execution requirements.

Audit trail

Electronic deal confirmation and Deal Blotter for internal & external audit trail.

Interact with a diverse universe of market participants

With its global presence, local market accessiblity and technological expertise 360T enables Liquidity Providers (LPs) to access a network consisting of over 2,600 buy-side firms worldwide. 360T lets LPs access a truly global and diverse range of market participants via a range of different OTC and listed execution channels. By leveraging our technology LPs have the opportunity to market their individual core competences in the OTC market to a wide spectrum of top tier Corporate Treasuries, Institutionals, Market Taker Banks and Broker/Dealers.

Technology Designed to Suit Your Needs

360T is the perfect trading network for Market Taker Banks looking to source liquidity in range of different product types and currencies. As we offer a variety of different trading mechanisms, including Request for Streaming (RFS) or instantly Executable Streaming Spot (ESP) prices, we are able to support multiple styles of trading. Meanwhile, specialisation and focus have created an environment where some Banks act as a Market Maker for some products and currencies and as a Market Taker for others. As a result, 360T has developed trading solutions that offer the ability to combine the buy- and sell-side activity of a Bank within one technology structure and provide a full range of efficient business solutions for sourcing risk and laying it off.

FX Spot
FX Forwards
FX Swaps (even and uneven)
Off-exchange Block Futures and EFP
FX Options
FX Limit Orders
Precious Metals
Energy/Fuel Commodities
Time Loans/Deposits including Rollovers
Money Market Funds

SuperSonic Trader

Instantly executable streamed FX Spot prices from multiple sources
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Bank-to-Bank Trading

Leading solutions for interbank trading
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Market Maker Cockpit

Take control of your pricing
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Fully managed anonymous trading
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Market Data Services

Unique. Independent. Reliable
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