Firms can deploy a wide range of FX Algos on 360T to help them achieve their execution goals.

Algorithmic trading is becoming ever more prevalent in the FX market, as more firms deploy these tools to reduce their market impact when executing, improve the efficiency of their trading and help them demonstrate best execution. That is why 360T has partnered with 16 top-tier banks to allow their clients to deploy their bank-developed Algos over our venue. In addition to this, 360T offers its own suite of Algos that clients can use to execute against individually curated liquidity pools. Different strategies are required to achieve different execution outcomes, and so 360T seeks to support the broadest range of different Algo tools to meet the demand of our clients.

Core Features

Seamless Functionality
FX Algos can be deployed as a component of our EMS offering. This means that as a large order hits the blotter users can choose to execute it via multiple Algos with STP or partially via Algo and partially via RFS and either way the functionality within the EMS is seamless.
More Liquidity Sources
Bank-developed FX Algos can be deployed over 360TGTX, where our dedicated liquidity management team can help curate the optimal pool of liquidity for it to interact with. This matches the benefits of sophisticated algo strategies with 360TGTX’s unique and diverse pool of FX liquidity.

Bank Algos Available for Trading on 360T

Algos: Algorithmic Execution with 360T

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