360T offers real-time aggregation and matching of Streaming Spot FX liquidity from across both its disclosed and undisclosed venues.

Our streaming Spot FX technology enables users to access the liquidity that they need in a manner that meets all of their execution requirements. Leveraging sophisticated strategies and smart order routing it facilitates optimal execution outcomes based on preferences around best price, fill ratios, rejection rates, last look times, slippage costs and market impact.


SuperSonic Trader GUI

A modern, intuitive GUI that lets users quickly and easily execute against Disclosed or Anonymous liquidity.

Full Amount Trading

Combine and enrich Streaming Spot and RFS liquidity for full amount execution.

Resting Orders

We enable firms to rest their Limit Orders, Stops, OCO and If-Done to be executed when defined market conditions are met.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain access to an extensive reporting on order routing and execution performance of liquidity pools.

Algo Orders

The FX Algos offered by 360T let offload risk without signaling their intentions to the market, helping to reduce market impact and achieve best execution.

HyperSonic Orderbook

Centralised firm orders from across the 360T franchise, accessible to all API and GUI users, allowing access to the most unique liquidity in the market.

The 360T differentiators

Top of Book Pricing

View top of book pricing as a VWAP ladder of configurable amounts alongside depth of quotes or price-level aggregated liquidity. Execute standard notionals via pre-defined buttons, or set a custom amount via an easy input field.

Minimised Slippage

360T’s slippage management capabilities empower users to control the cost of rejection in fast-paced Spot FX markets by allowing execution within a user-defined tolerance, or to optimise their execution of re-try within a user-defined time window.

Ultra-Low Latency

Use the GTX API or the upgraded SuperSonic API (SST API) to ensure ultra-low latency access to Spot FX liquidity.

Limit Management

Our integrated streaming Spot FX technology ensures that trader or organisation level limits are conformed to, overall, or against each counterparty.

More Liquidity Sources

We can allow firms to access both disclosed and undisclosed Streaming Spot FX liquidity.

Additional features

Price improvements are passed onto Takers transparently.
Full Customisation
Benefit from a flexible workspace, float currency pairs, and manage positions per user-defined trading session.
Consistency and Predictability
360T’s platform offers you a high degree of system availability and reliability of service levels.

Get the most out of SuperSonic Trader

FX Futures
Innovative products designed to offer greater flexibility are offered alongside traditional FX Futures
FX Clearing
A capital efficient post-trade solution for FX products such as EFPs and NDFs that eliminates the need for bilateral credit relationships.
FX Algos
A range of tools designed to help clients to control market impact and achieve best execution in the FX market
Regulated OTC trading platforms that let users transact in a safe, fully compliant manner
Market Data
A range of unique data sets specifically designed to empower trading desks
A comprehensive suite of powerful data tools and analytics delivering in-depth insights for all market participants

Adhearing to the highest regulatory standards

We know how important meeting your regulatory requirements is to you. And that is why it is important to us.

Now, perhaps more than ever, regulatory and compliance obligations are top-of-mind for participants in the wholesale FX markets. Recognising this, 360T’s has developed a suite of products and services designed to help firms achieve greater efficiency, transparency and improved performance across their FX operations whilst also adhering to the highest regulatory standards, both now and in the future.

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