Analytics designed to fuel your FX trading

360T Vantage is a comprehensive suite of data tools and premium analytics designed to empower all market participants to materially improve their FX trading.

The value and power of data and analytics is being increasingly recognised in the FX industry. Amongst buy-side firms there is a growing focus on using Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) to improve trading performance, whilst these firms are also eager to demonstrate to investors and shareholders that they achieved best execution. Meanwhile, liquidity providers operate in a highly competitive environment where high-quality analytics can mean the difference between winning or losing trades. 360T Vantage is the perfect analytics partner to our trading product suite, giving all of our clients the information they need to act more effectively.

Key Differentiators

For the Buy-side

360T Vantage offers a set of data tools designed to ensure buy-side clients achieve best execution and maximise the benefits of trading on 360T whilst keeping their counterparties competitive.

For the Sell-side

Insights and analytics specifically aimed at helping liquidity providers win more business across 360T’s product offerings and grow their e-FX trading franchises.

Data Disclosure Controls

An industry first.  Buy-side clients can set the level of trading data they share directly with their Liquidity Providers.

Data Transfer Services

Connect with 360T Vantage to integrate the data and analytical outputs in your own systems and workflows.