360T is highly focused on delivering outstanding quality and high performance services to its clients and partners.

360T is infused with an entrepreneurial corporate culture. Management and staff operate as a collaborative team to ensure the company´s values and principles shape every decision and every action taken both internally and externally. By putting principles into practice, 360T aims to build long lasting relationships with our valued customers and partners, based on mutual trust and respect.



Establishing 360T was a truly collective endeavour. It was an experience that sowed the seeds of a culture in which teamwork and shared values are the foundation on which we are working to achieve common goals. Teamwork provides the solid and flexible foundation on which 360T as a company is working in order to achieve development and further growth.

While “customer orientation” is a popular buzzword in the business world today, 360T is convinced that the industry is still a long way from converting claims into practical reality. By asking customers what they really need and, most importantly, listening to what they say, 360T has developed a product set which will continue to reflect and respond to real-life user needs. We are committed to a future in which we treat every customer as a potential development partner.

360T understands that customers and partners depend on its products and services. We believe that a defining factor of our own corporate mission is to help clients and partners meet the key objectives which are vital to their success. 360T will continue to deliver the solutions and support our customers´ and partners´ needs in a timely, responsive and dependable manner.

It is 360T´s goal to remain a flexible and lean organisation offering clients and partners a highly individualised service that blends with their organisation´s unique needs. Whenever market implications or customer expectations demand a technological solution, 360T will discuss, plan, develop and implement solutions which apply to a given market trend or individual customer requirements.

Customers value 360T´s ability to provide “think tank” facilities as an outsourced research and development department. We take our customer´s trust seriously and see it as our obligation to maximize and share the latent innovative potential we have in the expertise and know-how of our people.

360T is a dynamic company full of motivation, enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude towards business risk – and always thinks about what it needs to do better. This essential vitality is a tremendous source of new ideas and the challenges that drive the company forward. 360T has implemented organisational structures to support and maintain this spirit at all times.

360T has earned trust, respect and acknowledgement for choosing and safeguarding an independent and market-neutral position. The management is convinced that neutrality is the key to offering fairness and value for all stakeholders and, as such, will work to retain this principle as the company evolves.

360T has built key partnerships with some of the most successful companies in their individual spheres of influence. Communicating in a professional and open way is another potential source of innovative ideas and mutual benefits. 360T constantly strives to improve the quality and increase the strength of partnership ties.

A high level of quality is hard to attain and even harder to maintain. In today´s world of economies of scale and bundled transactions, 360T still believes quality is far more important than quantity. The company has implemented all the relevant processes to support highest level quality services and commitment to continuous improvement.