Bringing transparency to the Precious Metals market.

The Precious Metals Data Feed (PMF) captures unique market intelligence, supporting enhanced price discovery and execution benchmarking.

The PMF, produced in partnership with DIGITEC, shines a light on a previously opaque marketplace, enabling traders to significantly enhance their Precious Metals trading capabilities. Leveraging the same technology and design underpinning the award-winning Swaps Data Feed (SDF), the PMF provides a live streaming curve, which can be used in rate reasonability checks and is derived from banks’ core pricing engines and consolidates these multiple bank curves in one aggregated market view.


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PMF Benefits

Rare Market Intelligence

Streaming data across the curve in tenors up to 2Y, the PMF cleans and consolidates these multiple bank curves in one aggregated market view. Because the data is coming directly from a carefully curated group of market making banks, the PMF captures rare market intelligence that is not available anywhere else today.

Enables price discovery

By providing an accurate window into the Precious Metals market, the PMF enables price discovery and helps to achieve best execution mandates.

Better assessment of trading activity

High quality data is essential for benchmarking trading activity and conducting effective Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA). The PMF allows to clearly compare executed trades to a market midpoint, helping to track performance and deliver increased returns and transparency.

Increase market making capabilities

Because the data comes from banks’ core pricing engines rather than the customized pricing associated with bilateral OTC trading, the PMF can also be a valuable tool for refining and enhancing trading strategies to help boost returns.

Our Partnership with DIGITEC

A strategic alliance that has produced best-in-class market data products.

DIGITEC is a market-leading software provider of eFX pricing solutions. 45+ clients, from tier 1 global banks to local and regional trading firms, already trust in DIGITEC’s D3 technology for their Forward, Swaps, and Money Market pricing. With their pricing engine, clients can import market data to build G10, LM and NDF core prices and distribute them to downstream systems / e-commerce platforms such as 360T’s ADS. D3 is the power house behind the SDF and PMF, where the contributors’ data is sourced, aggregated, anonymised and sanitised.

Combining D3’s fully scalable SaaS solution with the SDF and PMF, both products become even more powerful as FX banks of any size have the technology to become competitive market makers. For more information: please visit

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