360T’s streaming NDFs, designed to complement our disclosed RFS offering, are a response to market demand for an alternative hedging venue.

A desire for real-time price discovery coupled with the advent of algorithmic execution in the NDF market is driving increased demand for streaming prices. This demand is only expected to grow as more NDF trading activity shifts towards electronic trading channels. That’s why we have leveraged our existing and proven low latency technology infrastructure to offer live streaming pricing in eight key NDF currency pairs alongside the traditional RFS function.

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The Full FX Unfiltered: Streaming NDFs with 360T
With interest in e-NDF trading hitting new peaks, Colin Lambert talks to Darryl Hooker, Head of NDF Strategy at 360T about the platforms offering in this highly competitive space. Hear about the challenges and opportunities of streaming NDFs, data, algos, credit and more.


Multiple Credit Solutions

We support three different credit models for streaming NDFs trading – bilateral, prime broker (PB) intermediated and the Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) credit hub/CCP – offering the maximum possible flexibility for accessing this service. PB and credit hub intermediated trading is anonymous, but bilateral trading can include post-trade name give-up.

Additional Liquidity Sources

By supporting PB intermediated trading we have opened the door to non-traditional liquidity providers to trade our streaming NDFs, expanding the LP pool and ensuring that consumers ultimately benefit from narrower bid-offer spreads.

A Distinctive Ecosystem

One distinguishing feature of 360T is our large, diverse client base which comprises over 2,600 organisations across the globe. By coupling this with our deep pool of more than 200 liquidity providers, 360T is in a unique position of being able to connect local onshore liquidity in developing markets with a worldwide community of offshore users to create a truly global liquidity pool for streaming NDFs.

Enhanced Execution Performance

The ability to execute in an undisclosed manner with a broad selection of counterparties via a CCP enables firms to deploy a wider range of trading strategies, whilst simultaneously reducing their market impact.

Core Features

Eight pairs are available to trade: USD/INR, USD/KRW, USD/TWD, USD/IDR, USD/PHP, USD/BRL, USD/CLP, USD/COP
All currency pairs have, in addition to the one-month tenor, 1W, 2W, 2M, 3M and all IMM dates too
All streams are for a minimum notional USD1 mln. Precise amounts are accommodated for Takers
Aggregated streaming NDF liquidity from both bank and non-bank providers
There are pre-set standardised fixing references
Multiple Access Points: GTX API, HyperSonic API and SuperSonic GUI
Resting orders are available
360T supports OFF SEF trading through LD4
We support both anonymous and disclosed trading for streaming NDFs

Streaming NDFs: Building a Better Marketplace

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Streaming NDFs

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