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Reporting and Analytics

360T’s product offering incorporates a wide range of reporting options, allowing a highly detailed and factual representation of all trading activity.

Reports for the Buy-side

360T provides extensive support for reporting requirements across the global market including TCA. Regular TCA reports can be delivered tailored and customized, providing detailed analysis against industry standard benchmarks, top level trading performance summary drilled down to individual trade level. Moreover 360T’s monthly reporting allows detailed overviews of the activities with counterparty Banks and evaluates the activity grouped by several criteria such as:

  • Number of requests/trades
  • Volume of requests/trades
  • Percentage of acceptances, quoting and execution with the Liquidity Providers
  • Percentage distribution per product/currency/currency pair/traders
  • Opportunity cost/actual cost measurement of trading when not at best price
  • Response times of Liquidity Provides for different requests
  • Liquidity Provider percentage ranking of quote quality in last month

Individual trade confirmations capture all details of each transaction. This enables us to summarise the monthly statistics to such a granular degree, broken down by product and counterpart. The statistical analysis shows a factual representation of the trading activity of the customer and the response of the counterparties. It offers superlative value in the fundamental assessment and benchmarking of your Liquidity Providers’ service level. In addition, the reports establish a framework for improving treasury operations and aid decision making particularly with regard to risk management.

Reports for the Sell-side

360T’s comprehensive reporting facilities provide a complete trade history, audit trail and record of competitive bids maintained for each transaction. As a Liquidity Provider you receive detailed information about your customers’ total number of requests sent to you and their trade activity. The reports provide a clear measure of performance and trade ratios. This is provided on an aggregated basis, as well as broken down on a more detailed product/customer/currency basis.

Parameters are:

  • Number of requests/trades
  • Volume of requests/trades
  • Percentage of acceptance/quoting and execution as a Liquidity Provider
  • Percentage per customer in terms of total requested and executed
  • Response times of my quoting engine/manual traders
  • Ranking in terms of a quote ladder displaying percentage as best quote, and scaling down from top

Liquidity Providers can obtain all information on their trading activities, categorised by product group, product, trader, counterparty or currency as well as on availability, speed and quality of pricing received. These statistical reports bring transparency to trading partnerships and form the basis for negotiations with Buy-side customers and allow organisations to benchmark the relationship. The reports allow users to establish a framework for improving treasury operations and management decision-making particularly with regard to risk management.

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