Innovation is in our DNA

360T offers a comprehensive set of trading solutions designed to cater specifically to professional buy- and sell-side OTC market participants around the globe.

One factor that distinguishes 360T is our commitment to constant innovation when it comes to our technology suite. We issue new technology releases at regular points througout the year in response to client feedback, meaning that we are constantly improving and refining our solutions in order to meet the evolving requirements of its users, ensuring that they have the functionality that they need to optimise their trading activity. It also means that our proprietary set of technology products is always being enhanced to keep us at the forefront of emerging industry trends and changing market demands. As we believe it is important to keep a close relationship with all our clients and the FX trading industry, 360T is in constant dialogue with all kinds of market participants, technology vendors, consultants and other relevant organisations.

We know that only by truly understanding the challenges facing these market participants are we able to develop, deploy and maintain the best possible trading solutions for them. In addition, 360T operates on a bank-independent basis and has spent over 20 years building trust and credit amongst all of our partners and clients on both sides of the market, giving us the ability to offer objective advice, support and the technology solutions that best meet their respective trading needs.

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For the Buy-Side

A full range of robust, safe, high-performing solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of various buy-side firms.

Bespoke solutions tailored to fit unique workflows

We recognise that each firm within this client segment has a unique set of trading patterns and workflow requirements and can offer bespoke solutions to accommodate these. Our strong custom development resources and regular technology release cycles mean that we are able to deliver a mix of trading process design, execution functionality, liquidity sources and integration tailored to meet the needs of each institutional client.

Access a complete suite of trading and workflow tools

In today’s fast-evolving and increasingly competitive market environment, Corporate Treasurers are forced to contend with a wide range of issues such as market, counterparty and price risk and efficient liquidity management across different asset classes. As a result, Corporate Treasuries need access to infrastructure that effectively streamlines their trading activity, allowing them to stay focused on their key day-to-day treasury operations.

Flexible technology for a fast evolving environment

In a technically evolving and ever more competitive market environment the positioning and focus of Banks can always change. Banks therefore look for technology that allows them to position themselves flexibly as electronic rate providers across different asset classes, products or currencies. 360T is the ideal solution for Banks as it allows them to act simultaneously as both a Market Maker and Market Taker, while also representing a major distribution channel of choice to their buy-side clientele. Therefore, 360T provides a full range of efficient business solutions for Market Taker and Market Maker Banks.

A state-of-the-art broker administration tool

Brokers provide services to a retail and institutional client base which increasingly demands a diverse range of products and functionality to match their trading styles and requirements. As such, you need to be able to offer the complete range of trading tools to meet your customers’ needs whilst still maintaining operational control over account management and risk. 360T has developed a state-of-the-art Broker administration tool which allows straight credit account trading, prime brokerage and margin account dealing. In addition, we offer powerful, robust and cost-efficient technology to support online Broker trading and are an industry leading provider of automation in back-to-back liquidity sourcing.

For the Sell-Side

An advanced set of technology products specifically designed to help Sell-Side firms grow and develop their liquidity distribution network.

Interact with a diverse universe of market participants

With its global presence, local market accessiblity and technological expertise 360T enables Liquidity Providers (LPs) to access a network consisting of over 2,600 buy-side firms worldwide. 360T lets LPs access a truly global and diverse range of market participants via a range of different OTC and listed execution channels. By leveraging our technology LPs have the opportunity to market their individual core competences in the OTC market to a wide spectrum of top tier Corporate Treasuries, Institutionals, Market Taker Banks and Broker/Dealers.