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Our innovative Historical Data Feed (HDF) supports clients in the analysis and display of historical data and the traceability of exported prices.

The 360T HDF is available within the Deutsche Börse Data shop, allowing you to retrieve and manage FX data. The 360T HDF price tracking solution builds a 24/5 data pool, be it weeks, months or years into the past, supporting your goal of turning data into information, and information into insight.


How to Access 360T´s Data Offering

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Helps ensure that firms are well-prepared for external audits required under the standards set by financial authorities
Ability to recap more than just final prices of a deal
Analyse long-term developments and reveal correlations
Deutsche Börse Data Shop lets you easily access the data excerpt of your interest for scenario evaluation and forecast modelling
The HDF is composed of captured quotes from the 360T SDF and EDF. In the HDF we have stored every quote update from the Swaps Data Feed and one snapshot every second, from the Essential Data Feed. The HDF has stored quotes from January 2018 onwards and is available in tailored packages, per your requirements.
Aggregated historical prices for FX Forwards, based on live feeds from major banks, adjusted by blending algorithms
Independent Historic Market Data source that reflects the real market, created by pricing engines and traders
60+ CCY pairs, across G10, EM, NDF pairs with all Cross CCY combinations
Standard tenors, turn dates plus IMM and special dates (FED, ECB meeting, etc.)
All rates are filtered and sanitised through algorithm sanity checks, ensuring accuracy and quality
In the evaluation of your outbound FX pricing
Back testing for the development of your trading systems
Verification of your trading strategy
Track movement of the market over short and long terms
Analyse and compare historical prices
Support for compliance requirements

360T Data Services

HDF is available in the following two formats:
HDF Packaged
Pre packaged modules of HDF are available for download at the Deutsche Börse data shop via pay for what you download. Modules are composed of G10, Local Markets or NDF currency pairs, packaged in monthly modules. Whether you need one month of G10 rates or all HDF history since January 2018, consume per your own tailored requirements.
HDF subscription
Pre packaged modules of HDF is available for download via the Deutsche Börse data shop. Subscribe to G10, Local Market or NDF modules, delivered daily. Receive full stack of previous days rates. Subscriptions can be delivered across one or all three CCY basket modules, per your requirements.

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