360TGTX is a fully managed anonymous trading venue offering market participants multiple methods for accessing and interacting with FX liquidity

Executing FX transactions via the 360TGTX ECN offers numerous benefits to market participants. For starters, it enables them to access pricing from all of the major FX Liquidity Providers in a streamlined and technologically stable manner.

In addition to this, as an anonymous execution channel it offers the opportunity for firms to reduce the market impact of their trades, helping them to achieve best execution. Our ECN also allows market participants to access and price uncorrelated flows which they might not be able to see elsewhere because of credit restrictions.

Clicking on this button initiates a 360TGTX GUI application download. To launch the application you need login data that can be provided to you by our 360TGTX team. Please contact the 360TGTX team for more details here.


Deep Liquidity

Round the clock access to deep liquidity in 162 Major, EM and exotic Spot currency pairs, as well as precious metals and NDFs.

Credit mitigation

Access to the ECN is provided via a network of CCPs, PBs, PoPs and Direct Bank Lines.

HyperSonic CLOB Trading

Meet genuine, uncorrelated, diversified client flow and firm liquidity from leading Market Makers on our Central Limit Order Book (CLOB).

Advanced Order Types

Pegged Orders, Hidden/Iceberg Orders and TWAP algo orders give clients the flexibility to achieve various execution goals.

Liquidity options

360TGTX users can trade against both sweepable and full-amount liquidity.

SuperSonic Trader GUI

A modern, intuitive GUI that lets users quickly and easily execute against Disclosed or Anonymous liquidity.

360T Differentiators

Superior Liquidity Management

Our deeply experienced and highly proactive liquidity management team helps firms to more effectively manage their liquidity pools, enabling them to prevent leakage and information signalling and realise trading benefits from segmenting flow. This team also works with Liquidity Providers to create an environment that allows them to show their skew into 360TGTX, meaning that it becomes an excellent avenue for existing risk whilst simultaneously offering Liquidity Takers aggressive pricing.

A Unique Customer Base

360TGTX enjoys wide participation from over 600 buy- and sell-side clients, well diversified by geography (over 75 countries) and segment (Tier 1 Banks / Non-Banks, Corporates, Asset Managers, Regional Banks, Hedge Funds, Systematic Trading firms etc.). This creates a very unique and diverse pool of liquidity for users of the venue to interact with.

Support for Bank Algos

Bank-developed algos can be directed to client specified 360TGTX liquidity pools and deployed in either an aggressive or passive manner. By instructing the bank to direct their Algo to a customised liquidity pool at 360TGTX, clients can ensure their order is executed in an environment where multiple LPs are being put in competition, whilst also gaining more control over the liquidity that the Algo interacts with. However, it is also a good venue for Algo Providers to leave passive orders in that will not be detected and can help reduce market impact when executing.

Streaming NDFs

Firms can trade Streaming NDFs via 360TGTX in four different currency pairs: USD/INR, USD/KRW, USD/TWD and USD/BRL. We support multiple different credit models for firms looking to access these products, leveraging the proven high-performance 360TGTX streaming technology in addition to deep existing relationships with key market participants, to build a better liquidity ecosystem for NDF trading.

Additional features

Low Latency Trading
ECN pricing is sourced from NY4, LD4 and TY3 and latency sensitive participants can co-locate for ultra-low latency access to the market.
Smart Order Routing (SOR)
Our SOR algorithms are tuned to complement our liquidity optimisation efforts, by routing order flow into liquidity pools that offer superior execution outcomes.
Firm Liquidity
Firms can access both last-look and firm liquidity on the platform, either via distinct or commingled liquidity pools.
Local Currency Expertise
With strong participation from local currency specialists within our franchise, 360TGTX is able to connect firms in emerging and developed markets to create a truly global liquidity pool.

Get the most out of 360TGTX

FX Futures
Innovative products designed to offer greater flexibility are offered alongside traditional FX Futures
FX Clearing
A capital efficient post-trade solution for FX products such as EFPs and NDFs that eliminates the need for bilateral credit relationships
FX Algos
A range of tools designed to help clients to control market impact and achieve best execution in the FX market
Regulated OTC trading platforms that let users transact in a safe, fully compliant manner
Market Data
A unique set of market data products designed to offer improved price discovery and transparency
A comprehensive suite of powerful data tools and analytics delivering in-depth insights for all market participants

Adhering to the highest regulatory standards

We know how important meeting your regulatory requirements is to you. And that is why it is important to us.

Now, perhaps more than ever, regulatory and compliance obligations are top-of-mind for participants in the wholesale FX markets. Recognising this, 360T’s has developed a suite of products and services designed to help firms achieve greater efficiency, transparency and improved performance across their FX operations whilst also adhering to the highest regulatory standards, both now and in the future.

More Information

360TGTX – Fully Managed Anonymous Trading

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