Lufthansa Conducts First Energy Trade on 360T

September 2023

Lufthansa executed an Option strategy on ICE Brent Crude Oil. In addition to supporting Energy Options, 360T also allows market participants to trade Asian and Bullet Swaps.

The Asian Swaps can be roller-coastered so that a different notional amount can be traded for each leg of the trade, offering maximum flexibility. The Energy Options allow firms to build and execute everything from simple calls and puts to more complex, multi-leg strategies.

Following this launch, users of 360T’s TEX platform now have access to a simple, quick, and secure solution that provides access to pricing on Crudes, including WTI, ICE Brent, Dated and Dubai Brent, in addition to Fuels and Distillates.

“The launch of Energy Products on 360T will deliver significant benefits to market participants and is yet another example of our continued commitment to innovation. We are now able to offer all the advantages of electronic execution — including increased efficiency and transparency — via a robust, proven technology platform. We are delighted to have partnered with Lufthansa for this first trade and are already seeing growing interest in our new suite of Energy Products from across the industry,” said Sebastian Hofmann-Werther, Head of EMEA at 360T.

“This launch provides Lufthansa with a unique opportunity to further enhance our day-to-day trading operations. 360T is helping us to eliminate time-consuming manual processes around the execution of energy products, achieve better price discovery and transparency when trading and reduce operational risks by minimising the potential opportunities for human error – and all of this is delivered via full, end-to-end, system integration. We believe that this is what the future of Energy trading looks like,” said Andy Böhme, Head of Corporate Financial Risk Management and Emissions Trading at Lufthansa Group.

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