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FX Automation

Ease of Integration

Our EMS is specifically designed to be seamlessly and easily integrated into firm’s existing workflows

Automated Trading

Advanced automation tools enable traders to focus on the value-add areas of their business

Reduced Operational Risk

Using our EMS significantly reduces risk during the trading process

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Providing greater workflow efficiencies, reduced market risk and increased control

The trend in FX is clearly towards more automation and 360T´s Execution Management System (EMS) is catering for a wide range of automated trading requirements. 360T´s EMS is a functionally rich, easily configurable system with customised workflow solutions. Easily integrated into Order Management Systems (OMS) or Treasury Management Systems (TMS), it is the perfect solution for Real Money Managers, Asset Managers or Corporate Treasurers looking to trade in a smarter, faster, safer and more cost-efficient manner.

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Listen to discussions within the FX industry

Paul Matherne, Head of FX Emea, BNY Melon
The over-arching theme of this episode is the “tech-celeration” that has occurred in the FX industry over the past year as firms have been forced to adapt to new ways of operating. Paul Matherne, Head of FX EMEA at BNY Mellon, sees evidence of this trend…
Colin Lambert, Co-Founder, The Full FX
The discussion opens with Colin Lambert, the co-founder of the The Full FX news website, joking that he has been predicting structural changes within the FX Swaps space for a long time but that the scene might finally be set for these to actually happen…
Kirstie MacGillivray, Head of Multi-Asset Dealing, Kames Capital
This episode opens with MacGillivray talking about her firm’s technology stack for multi-asset dealing, explaining that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution and, therefore, the desk has instead built out a “best-of-breed” model…

360T video insights

360T and FX automation in the media

360T Tops Three Categories at e-FX Awards
360T has won in three categories at the FX Markets 2021 e-FX awards: “Best Venue for Forwards/Swaps”, “Best Liquidity Aggregation Service” and “Best New Venue Initiative”…
Mythbusting around Automation?
Sebastian Hofmann-Werther,
Head of EMEA at 360T, addresses some of the remaining myths around FX automation.
Automation and Volatility: What did we learn?
Sebastian Hofmann-Werther, Head of EMEA at 360T, reflects on some recent lessons learned regarding FX automation in this most unusual and unpredictable year…

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