An Overview

As a technology provider for the global foreign exchange market, 360T interacts daily with a wide spectrum of international financial institutions that contain a wealth of expertise, knowledge and insight regarding the world’s largest asset class. In our podcast series we look to tease out just a fragment of this information inviting our listeners to join an exchange amongst industry professionals with each episode.

The episodes themselves consist of short, informal interviews with senior figures from market-leading firms within the FX industry, exploring some of the key trends and themes they see impacting the market today. Tracing the evolution of technology, liquidity, credit, data analytics, market structure, trading strategies and more, this podcast series offers a wide range of unique insights regarding how the FX market today is developing around us.

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360T Podcasts | Episode 1 | 2020 | 12 min
Jim Rockall, Director of Trading at Record Currency Management
In the inaugural episode of “Business as Un-Usual” Jim Rockall from Record Currency Management explains how the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic has forced his firm to reconsider its compliance and technology boundaries and adapt to new communication challenges. In addition, he discusses life working from home, revealing that one member of his team currently has to contend with a rather unusual noisy neighbour!
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