Thought Leadership
What is “To-Clear” Liquidity and how can it reduce your trading costs?

David Holcombe, Head of Product, FX Futures & FX Clearing at 360T explains that, far from being just an expensive post-trade add-on, central clearing actually represents a quantifiable economic opportunity for market participants.

Thought Leadership
Embracing the next evolution of FX swaps

Gavin Wells, head of swaps strategy at 360T, explores new products and growth drivers in the FX swaps market, and explains how MidMatch – the firm’s fully automated FX swaps limit order book with mid-rate matching capability – can help clients capitalise on them.

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Over the past year 360T has been busy establishing its MidMatch platform for trading FX swaps, developing unique data feeds, adding the ability to support more algos and launching streaming non-deliverable forwards pricing. What’s the common thread linking all of these? A demand for greater automation within the FX industry.

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360T Podcasts

Episode 28
| 2021 |
17 min
Van Luu, Global Head of Currency at Russell Investments
With the Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) due to start impacting a number of buy-side firms starting this September, Van Luu, Global head of Currency at Russell Investments, discusses
the preparations that his firm has been making to ensure compliance, both on their own behalf and on behalf of their clients. He then goes on to analyse how investors should be thinking about currency hedging in the Covid era, analysing the various pros and cons associated with different approaches to hedging FX exposures.

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Episode 27
| 2021 |
18 min
Allan Guild, Director, Hilltop Walk Consulting
New regulatory requirements have been a huge driver of change within financial markets over the past decade, and FX has certainly not been exempt from this trend. Even now, Allan G
uild, the director of Hilltop Walk Consulting, sees the direction of travel in the industry being towards a more regulated trading environment, which market participants will need to adapt to. Consequently, Guild argues that there is now an opportunity for greater innovation around automation, best execution and building a holistic approach to FX trading.

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Episode 26
| 2021 |
15 min
Paul Matherne, Head of FX EMEA, BNY Mellon
The over-arching theme of this episode is the “tech-celeration” that has occurred in the FX industry over the past year as firms have been forced to adapt to new ways of operat
ing. Paul Matherne, Head of FX EMEA at BNY Mellon, sees evidence of this trend in how buy-side firms are looking at custody, their willingness to use algos and their desire to automate more of their FX trading and workflows. And looking ahead, he argues that market structure changes will continue to fuel more innovation in 2021.

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