Thought Leadership
The evolution of the FX Swaps market – How electronification is driving change

“The subject of automated credit has certainly been challenging; understandably the industry has been wary of placing credit with third parties.”, Robin Nicholas, Head of Swap Product at 360T.

Thought Leadership
Streaming NDFs – Building a better marketplace

The future of the NDF market has been a hugely popular talking point within the FX industry for the past couple of years, and now these conversations are focusing specifically on the availability of streaming prices for these products. Darryl Hooker Head of NDF strategy at 360T explains why.

Press Release
360T Named Best Professional e-Trading Venue

Frankfurt – December 13, 2021 – 360T has been named as the “Best Professional e-Trading Venue” at the FX Markets 2021 Best Banks Awards, which recognise excellence in the foreign exchange industry.

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Thought Leadership
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BASF & 360T Value Report
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Thought Leadership
Webinar: Leveraging information provider relationships to access high quality FX data
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360T Podcasts

Episode 35
| 2022 |
25 min
Colin Lambert, Co-Founder of The Full FX
Crystal Ball Gazing: FX Industry Predictions for 2022. Joining the podcast once again Colin Lambert ruminates on some of the most surprising developments in the FX industry during
2021 and picks out what he believes to be the most consequential news stories of the past year. Looking ahead, he argues that the FX Swaps will continue to propel the overall marketplace towards growth in the upcoming BIS survey and makes a series of predictions — from fintech consolidation and regulatory disruption to a potential stablecoin blow-up and a shake-up in the FX prime brokerage space.

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Episode 34
| 2021 |
17 min
Christian Schoeppe, Managing Director & Founder at SchoeppeFX International Consulting
FX automation has been a key theme amongst buy-side firms recently and, as Christian Schoeppe from SchoeppeFX International Consulting explains in our latest podcast, this trend ha
s only been accelerated by the pandemic. He also outlines the existing barriers preventing these firms from automating more of their FX workflows and trading activity, talks about how these barriers can be overcome and provides practical guidelines on how to quantify the benefits of this technology.

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Episode 33
| 2021 |
13 min
John Quayle, Head of Client Algo Execution at NatWest Markets
Whereas Episode 31 of our podcast series focused largely on the evolution of FX algo designs, here John Quayle from NatWest Markets discusses the evolution of how buy-side firms (a
nd indeed which buy-side firms) are using these products to improve their FX execution capabilities. He discusses using algos to trade emerging market (EM) currencies, why corporate treasurers might be thinking about these products differently from real money or hedge fund clients, how to effectively benchmark the performance of different algos and more.

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