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360TGTX M|M Named Best Sell-Side OTC Trading Initiative

Frankfurt – April 11, 2022360TGTX M|M has been named as the Best Sell-Side OTC Trading Initiative at the 2022 Sell-Side Technology Awards hosted by WatersTechnology.


A far more efficient way to trade – Talking with the team behind 360TGTX M|M

E-Forex spoke with Gavin Wells, Head of Swaps Strategy, Robin Nicholas, Head of Swaps Product and Simon Jones, Chief Growth Officer at the firm to discover more about this innovative platform and in what ways it represents a natural progression in the continuing trend towards automation within the FX swaps market.

360T wins Market data vendor of the year at Risk Awards 2022

360T’s market data suite solutions solve specific needs for foreign exchange market participants, and provide comprehensive and holistic solutions for a wide array of clients. Swaps Data Feed (SDF), developed through an innovative partnership with Digitec, plugs a gaping hole in streaming FX swaps data.

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360T Podcasts

Episode 39
| 2022 |
29 min
Pedro Jobim, Chief Economist and Founding Partner, Legacy Capital
We are in a period of economic uncertainty with rising inflation, divergent central bank policies, supply chain constraints and geopolitical turmoil fueled by a land war in Europe.
Against this backdrop how should investors be positioning themselves and what should we expect in the currency markets? These are amongst the questions that Pedro Jobim from Brazilian hedge fund Legacy Capital addresses in our latest episode. Jobim also provides his economic outlook for Brazil ahead of what is shaping up to be a potentially contentious presidential election there later this year.

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Episode 38
| 2022 |
13 min
Hugo Gordon, Senior Policy Advisor at the Investment Association
The Investment Association (IA), which represents UK-based investment firms managing £9.4 trillion of assets globally, recently published a briefing paper calling for reform on FX
sub-custodian timestamping. In this episode Hugo Gordon from the IA explains why this issue, which might initially seem to be something of a niche concern, can have significant ramifications for investment managers and outlines steps which can be taken by both buy-side and sell-side firms to help resolve it. Gordon also discusses the FX Global Code of Conduct, highlighting some of the factors which might have slowed buy-side adoption previously and areas where increased clarity has been welcomed by the IA’s membership.

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Episode 37
| 2022 |
20 min
Eoin Fahy, Head of Responsible Investing at KBI Global Investors
In this episode Eoin Fahy from KBI Global Investors provides a buy-side perspective on ESG investing, arguing that applying these principles to investment decisions actually helps
rather than hinders the overall performance of portfolios. He also explains how the considerations around ESG investing have grown substantially more sophisticated in recent years as its popularity has exploded and ponders how these principles will ultimately be applied to the FX market.

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