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Business as Un-Usual – A new podcast series from 360T.

To suggest that it’s ‘business as usual’ right now is clearly disingenuous, as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced firms all over the world to significantly adjust their operations. Yet ultimately the end goals for these firms remain the same, it’s simply that they’re having to take different and more unconventional paths in order to reach them.

That’s why 360T has launched a new podcast series, featuring interviews with senior figures from market-leading firms within the FX industry, exploring how different businesses have adapted to this unusual environment that we all find ourselves in. Each podcast episode takes a look at different responses to the pandemic, offers insight into how firms have changed their trading behaviours in light of increased market volatility, suggests lessons to be learned for the future and provides vignettes regarding people’s personal experiences of bringing their work into their homes.

Episode 6 – Alex Clark, Senior Execution Trader at Aspect Capital

Alex Clark talks to 360T about the liquidity issues caused by the sudden combination of market volatility and people working from home. However, he says that despite stressed liquidity conditions FX algorithms have performed well, enabling the trading team to focus their attention on the most challenging markets, such as EM currencies, options and NDFs. Explaining that enhanced execution tools are in high demand amongst buy side firms right now, Clark discusses how algos have needed to adapt to changing market conditions in recent weeks.

Episode 5 – JB Mackenzie, Managing Director, Futures & Forex, TD Ameritrade

If you could go back in time six months before the pandemic, what advice would you give yourself? This is one of the questions put to JB Mackenzie, Managing Director, Futures and Forex at TD Ameritrade, in this podcast episode. He also talks about the impact of recent central bank stimulus, trading in 24 hour markets and how technology has made life better for investors.

Episode 4 – Bhav Trivedi, FX and FI Dealer at Merian Global Investors

In this lively discussion Bhav Trivedi talks to 360T about the technical challenges associated with trading in an isolated environment. He also points out how the recent FX volatility tested banks’ re-pricing and auto-hedging capabilities, and why an increased reliance on technology has not diminished the big importance of relationships in the industry.

Episode 3 – Nigell Todd, Director Global Foreign Exchange at Fidelity International

Nigell Todd talks to 360T about some of his positive takeaways from the recent experiences adapting to the Coronavirus pandemic, suggesting that it could lead to more compassion in the workplace. Todd also says that it is “naïve” to think there will be no longer-term implications of the pandemic for businesses, recalls some “bleak days” of trading as volatility in the FX market spiked and, most importantly, reveals where his first holiday destination will be once travel restrictions can be safely eased.

Episode 2 – Juan Landazabal, Global Head of Trading at GAM Investments

In this podcast episode Juan Landazabal from GAM Investments runs through some of the key factors that had to be considered as trading activity moved out of the office and into people’s homes. Having now adjusted to this initial wave of change, he also highlights some of the longer-term challenges – and opportunities – associated with a more decentralised working and trading environment.

Episode 1 – Jim Rockall, Director of Trading at Record Currency Management

In the inaugural episode of “Business as Un-Usual” Jim Rockall from Record Currency Management explains how the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic has forced his firm to reconsider its compliance and technology boundaries and adapt to new communication challenges. In addition, he discusses life working from home, revealing that one member
of his team currently has to contend with a rather unusual noisy neighbour!

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