TEX® Multidealer Trading System

Focused on relationship-based trading, TEX multi-bank portal offers the most liquidity in OTC financial instruments.
The platform allows execution in all major product instruments in FX.

TEX® Multidealer Trading System is 360T´s global multi-bank portal connecting non-toxic non-anonymous flow with a rich and broad liquidity pool in multiple financial instruments. Banks, broker/dealers, corporate treasuries and institutional participants trade FX, Money Market, Interest Rate Derivatives and other OTC instruments over the platform with liquidity providers of their choice. TEX® supports trade execution in Request for Stream (RFS) and Executable-Streaming-Prices (ESP) mode and provides a real-time market data screen.


Your Benefits

Liquidity from more than 200 leading international and regional providers

No monthly fees and no transaction fees

Functionalities to execute trades “on-behalf-of” different funds or legal entities

Best execution features for each transaction meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

Receive instant electronic trade confirmation for Straight-Through Processing (STP) into downstream position keeping and confirmation matching systems as well as into systems facilitating automated prime broker give up

Full reporting suite with a complete deal history, audit trail, record of competitive bids, cost savings and pricing analysis by product and counterparty

24h support desk

Trade execution in RFS supports and displays best bid/offer prices. Tradable prices are published in real time by a customer initiated selection of liquidity providers. The prices received from the bank counterparts are displayed in a ladder with the best price ranked at the top. The methodology ensures execution of the best price available across several providers at all times. RFS allows the selection of one or multiple liquidity providers by name, not limiting the number of providers per request. Furthermore, the RFS mode also secures pricing according to notional size, thereby ensuring full amount execution/filling, no matter the request size.

Products supported are:

  • Foreign Exchange: Spot, Forward, Multiple Forwards, Swaps, Multi-Leg Swaps, Options, NDF´s, FX block trading, multiple-entity dealing and combination thereof
  • Interest Rate Derivatives: Interest Rate Swaps, Cap/Floor
  • Money Market: Deposit. Loan, incl. rollover, FRA, Money Market Funds: over 120 different AAA funds in US Dollar, Sterling and Euro.

360T´s order management tool is based on a scalable core technology and designed to help clients simplify their FX limit order processing.

The following order types are tradable via the platform:

  • Take profit orders
  • Stop orders
  • Fixing orders
  • Market orders
  • Loop orders
  • OCO orders
  • “If-Done” orders

Your Benefits

Place your foreign exchange orders 24 hours/day in real-time

Professional order watching and tracking service free of charge

Ability to modify or cancel orders easily

Full order audit history

360T´s SuperSonic TEX® is a relationship-based, non-anonymous trading solution which provides all the benefits of instantly executable streamed FX Spot prices from multiple sources. It gives clients the ability to monitor continuously any market movements, with a fully transparent depth of liquidity and ultimate speed of execution. SuperSonic TEX® combines the functional benefits of trading on instantly executable streaming FX prices with the transparency of fully disclosed counterparty names on both sides.

SuperSonic TEX® is a different concept compared to the multitude of anonymous stream aggregators and ECN´s, and as such, is rewarded by strong interest from banks to provide liquidity on a relationship basis.

Your Benefits

Free of transaction and subscription charges for buy-side trading

Relationship-based, non-anonymous “Streaming Price Aggregator” model

Most important currencies and respective crosses in spot SEP: USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD, PLN, CZK, HUF, RON, SGD, HKD, JPY, SEK, NOK, ZAR, TRY, MXN

Streaming of Gold/ XAU

Build and monitor your own book of individual stream providers for each currency couple sorted by quality

Combine RFS-liquidity via innovative Boost function

Build and monitor your own book of resting orders

View graphic display of the full market depth available across your selected providers behind any given currency couple

Trade via predefined lot size buttons, or on editable notional input field

For larger notionals, trade on an average price across several providers (depth of book)

Integrated real-time position keeping and P&L calculation

Receive instant trade confirmation for STP to downstream systems and matched settlement

Choice of prime broker give-up

Automated API Trading and Algorithmic Trading available on demand

24h support desk

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