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TEX® Multidealer Trading System

Focused on relationship-based trading, TEX multi-bank portal offers the most liquidity in OTC financial instruments.

TEX® Multidealer Trading System is 360T’s global multi-bank portal connecting non-toxic non-anonymous flow with a rich and broad liquidity pool in multiple financial instruments. Banks, Broker/Dealers, Corporate Treasuries and Institutional participants trade FX, Money Market, Interest Rate Derivatives and other OTC instruments over the platform with Liquidity Providers of their choice. TEX® supports trade execution in Request for Stream (RFS) and Executable-Streaming-Prices (ESP) mode and provides a real-time market data screen.

Your Benefits

Liquidity from more than 200 leading international and regional providers
No monthly fees and no transaction fees for the buy-side
Functionalities to execute trades “on-behalf-of” different funds or legal entities
Best execution features for each transaction meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
Receive instant electronic trade confirmation for Straight-Through Processing (STP) into downstream position keeping and confirmation matching systems as well as into systems facilitating automated prime Broker give up
Full reporting suite with a complete deal history, audit trail, record of competitive bids, cost savings and pricing analysis by product and counterparty
24h support desk

Trade execution in RFS supports and displays best bid/offer prices. Tradable prices are published in real time by a customer initiated selection of Liquidity Providers. The prices received from the bank counterparts are displayed in a ladder with the best price ranked at the top. The methodology ensures execution of the best price available across several providers at all times. RFS allows the selection of one or multiple Liquidity Providers by name, not limiting the number of providers per request. Furthermore, the RFS mode also secures pricing according to notional size, thereby ensuring full amount execution/filling, no matter the request size.

Products supported are:

  • Foreign Exchange: Spot, Forward, Multiple Forwards, Swaps, Multi-Leg Swaps, Options, NDF’s, FX block trading, multiple-entity dealing and combination thereof
  • Interest Rate Derivatives: Interest Rate Swaps, Cap/Floor
  • Money Market: Deposit, Loan, incl. Rollover, FRA, Money Market Funds: over 120 different AAA funds in US Dollar, Sterling and Euro.

360T’s Order Management Tool is based on a scalable core technology and designed to help clients simplify their FX Limit Order Processing.

The following order types are tradable via the platform:

  • Take profit orders
  • Stop orders
  • Fixing orders
  • Market orders
  • Loop orders
  • OCO orders
  • “If-Done” orders

Your Benefits

Place your foreign exchange orders 24 hours/day in real-time
Professional order watching and tracking service free of charge
Ability to modify or cancel orders easily
Full order audit history

360T’s SuperSonic Trader provides you with real-time aggregation of Streaming Spot liquidity from both bilateral providers as well as from 360T’s ECN marketplace.

Through its sophisticated strategies and smart order routing, SuperSonic Trader consistently facilitates optimal execution, based on your preference for best price, fill ratios, rejection rates, last look times, slippage costs and market impact.

SuperSonic Trader features a wide range of strategies that tailor the presented liquidity according to your desired execution style. It is cross-connected to liquidity pools in New York City, London and Tokyo. Combined with our high-performance aggregation algorithms, this facilitates ultra-low-latent access to your liquidity.

Your Benefits

RFS Boost

Combine and enrich Streaming Spot liquidity with RFS liquidity for full amount execution.

Fast Orders

Easily place orders via pre-defined templates with the SuperSonic Trader GUI.

Price Improvements

Price improvements are passed onto Takers transparently.

Top of Book Pricing

View top of book pricing as a VWAP ladder of configurable amounts alongside depth of quotes or price-level aggregated liquidity. Execute standard notionals via pre-defined buttons, or set a custom amount via an easy input field.

Slippage Management Capabilities

360T’s slippage management capabilities empower you to control the cost of rejection in fast-paced spot markets by allowing execution within a user-defined tolerance (Pip-slippage), or to optimize your execution of re-try within a user-defined time window.

Resting Orders

SuperSonic Trader allows you to rest your Limit Orders, Stops, OCO and If-Done to be executed when defined market conditions are met.

Limit Management

SuperSonic Trader is integrated into 360T’s Risk Management Suite that ensures trader or organisation level limits are conformed to, overall, or against each counterparty.

Algorithmic Orders

360T’s TWAP algorithm locks in average price action over a time horizon, and is suitable for offloading large risk without signaling intention to the market. TCA reports enable you to appropriately measure the implementation of your strategy.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain access to an extensive reporting on order routing and execution performance on liquidity pools.

Full Customization

Benefit from a flexible workspace, float currency pairs, and manage positions per user-defined trading session.

Consistency and Predictability in Your Trading

360T’s platform offers you a high degree of system availability and reliability of service levels: for the last three years, the platform has maintained 99.98 % availability.

Learn more about 360T’s innovative solutions. Request a demo.

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