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essential Data feed

360T Data Services offer a comprehensive set of Market Data Feeds to the Global Financial and Investment community. Promoting market transparency since 2000, 360T Data Solutions provide market participants with quality and actionable information, essential to supporting confident price discovery and competitive price determination.

360T Data Solutions encompass market activity across Interbank, Institutional and Corporate customer segments, on disclosed and undisclosed connections, across global time zones.

Delivering real time and historical data via dedicated FIX connections or via a number of information venues, 360T can connect to virtually any application software, facilitating streamlined sourcing of market information.

The Essential Data Feed is your Streaming Spot Market Data reference for all your needs. Delivering both the calculated Mid and Bid/Ask Spreads in multiple pricing tiers every 250 milliseconds. Price. Discovered.

Essential Data Feed, your Streaming Spot market ata reference for all your needs.
By Lydia Solinski,
Product Manager Market Data
360T market data feeds are a unique, independent and reliable source from the FX OTC market. For more information please download our brochure.

Product features

  • Streaming Spot Mid
  • Bid/Offer spread in tiers of 0.5m, 1m & 5 million
  • Agile algorithm calculations, aggregating data based on global time zones
  • From four updates a second
  • Sourced from 360T TEX and 360TGTX ECN, disclosed and anonymous pricing
  • 50 CCY pairs, additional pairs added regularly
  • Data can be adapted into bespoke packages per client requirements
  • Available via FIX API or via 360T GUI for easy integration to pricing models

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