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I-TEX: Intra-Group Trading / White Label Solution

360T’s solution of linking and routing subsidiary requests to the central treasury. It is tailored to standardize and optionally automate internal hedge and
funding requests from global subsidiaries to their Corporate In-house Bank.

I-TEX Intra-Group Trading System enables an organisation to run a fully fledged trading solution for a closed user group – if requested on a re-branded/white label basis. The I-TEX technology supports manual and automated pricing of Request for Streaming (RFS), instantly Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and several Limit Order types. The system is designed with an intuitive logic, has an embedded auto pricing engine for Spread and Limit Management, as well as plug & play rollout facilities for instant deployment.

I-TEX ensures 24/5 access to competitive pricing through real-time Market Data Feeds and back-to-back liquidity services from over 100 providers. The Intra-Group Trading System offers the full trading features and benefits of the TEX® platform.

Available additional features on request:

Spot position aggregator for inhouse trader
Comprehensive Order Management for the entire closed user group
Plug & play installation
24h availability and support across time zones

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