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Execution Management System for Asset Managers

360T’s Execution Management System is an integrated, easily configurable system which offers customised workflow solutions designed to cater for a wide range of trading requirements. It allows you to trade in a smarter, faster, safer and more cost-efficient manner in one integrated system for your end-to-end workflow. The rules-based automation system contained within 360T EMS, gives the opportunity for the trading team to embrace a sophisticated low- or notouch dealing strategy, freeing up resources for complex or large FX trades.

As the Deutsche Börse Group’s global FX unit, 360T is your long-term solution partner that gives you the resilience to not only respond quickly to the impact of immediate regulatory changes but also to future market structure shifts. Additionally 360T serves you with transparent analytics around your trading process so that you are well positioned to place more predictability into your execution with quantifiable data.

Regulated by the German Financial Authority the company has been an active Market Participant to the FX Global Code since December 2017. To this end 360T has taken appropriate steps, based on the size and complexity of its activities, and the nature of its engagement in the FX Market, to align its activities with the principles of the Code.

An Integrated Solution – Execution Management System

360T EMS allows you to trade in a smarter, faster, safer and more cost-efficient manner in one integrated system for your end-to-end workflow. It gives you the ability to optimise your organization of orders and execution, using fully configurable, systematic rules for your individual trading requirements.

When combined with 360T’s unique Market Data Services, 360T EMS gives you the opportunity to define and implement your own best execution policy, taking into account market and regulatory changes whilst incorporating your own unique needs and workflows.

360T´s EMS features

Flexibility: Easily configurable, rules-based organization of orders, views and signals
Workflow automation: Customized workflow, options of auto sorting and rules-based auto execution for low or no-touch dealing
Risk capabilities: Ability to build and view buckets of net FX risk
Variety of trading methods: Next to trading on MTF, SEF or OTC, use RFQ, RFS, ESP and single bank Algos
Compliance module: Alerts and controls to facilitate conformance with regulatory obligations, e.g. Mifid II´s Code of Business Sourcebook

360T is at the absolute forefront in assisting Asset Managers

360T is at the absolute forefront in assisting you to meet your regulatory requirements and increase operational performance. Our mission is to help you to achieve efficiencies and transparency in the manner in which you organise and execute FX risk as well as in the way in which you interact with the wholesale market.

With 360T you create better outcomes from your trading whilst adhering to the highest regulatory standards both now and in the future.

The 360T Differentiators for Asset Managers

Increased automation maximizes your scalability
Increased automation maximizes your scalability
Netting optimization saves you time and money

Increased automation maximises your scalability

360T enables you to add automation to your auto executable trades to increase scalability, enhance consistency – by always trading at best price – and enables you to spend more time on complex trades.

Create automatic order selection rules for auto execution based on your combinations of notional amount size, fund, currency pair, value date, deal type or any other attributes of the order.

Improve your trading process with 360T’s Market Data Services

Improve Your Trading Process with 360T’s unique Market Data Services which are fully integrated within the EMS platform as a benchmark for tolerance checking, for pre-, during and post-trade price and slippage validation. It is also used in the cross currency netting process when working out counter currency amounts, thereby minimizing the size of the residual which is often absorbed by the liquidity provider.

Access a larger pool of Liquidity Providers

360TGTX is an ECN which provides an opportunity for Asset Managers who are typically used to trading on a bilateral basis, to be exposed to pricing from other liquidity providers to whom they would normally not have access.

Powerful Smart Order Routing

Rules-based tools facilitate order routing to users and groups with permission control-based order parameters. This allows you to tightly control the risk around your trading process.

Netting Optimisation – save time & money

360T offers you access to the unique 360T Portfolio Builder which allows you to quickly identify netting opportunities and orders that do not contribute to netting and consequently to maximise broker competition and offset risk for every order.

360T – Your Technology and Infrastructure Partner

Save time with 360TEMS and minimise your process risk through automation and straight-through processing. The integrated offline confirmation function allows Asset Managers to affirm and send allocations of large trades executed offline (e.g. via voice/chat) using straight-through-processing, reporting and post-trade analytics features.

360T EMS enables you to fully customise your auto-execution:

Notional, fund, currency pair, value date, deal type or any other attributes of the order
Orders are sent to RFS negotiation for competitive bidding to your pre-configured banks
Nominate the number of Banks that need to be pricing simultaneously for an execution to occur
Requests are executed at best price
Upload and download via FIX, XML, CSV

SuperSonic Trader® for Spot and NDFs is One-Click Trading at its best

SuperSonic Trader combines fast execution streams, adds additional liquidity with an RFSboost function, and is optimised with full amount execution. SuperSonic is a relationship based nonanonymous streaming price aggregator which enables clientsto combine disclosed and nondisclosed streams as well as trade selected FX Futures. Resting and standard algorithmic execution orders enable you to manage your position professionally and effectively.

The Global FX Marketplace

360T is far more than an award-winning multi-bank, multi-asset trading platform for OTC and listed financial instruments. As Deutsche Börse Group’s global FX unit, the company offers services across the entire trading workflow of FX and Short Term Money Market asset classes to satisfy the needs of Corporate Treasurers, Institutional Asset Managers and Hedge Funds as well as Banks. Beyond optimizing execution, 360T allows clients to directly reduce their operational costs and risks in all parts of the trading life cycle while enhancing compliance and transparency at the same time.

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