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grow your liquidity with 360TGTX:
Your anonymous spot ECN

360TGTX gives you anonymous access to bank and non-bank liquidity.

360TGTX ECN is the anonymous Spot marketplace of 360T. Offered alongside the award-winning 360T TEX disclosed platform, clients can fully optimise their liquidity mix in one combined ecosystem

Access 360TGTX

360TGTX enjoys wide participation from over 600 buy- and sell-side clients, well diversified by geography (over 75 countries) and segment (Tier 1 Banks / Non-Banks, Corporates, Asset Managers, Regional Banks, Hedge Funds, Systematic Trading firms etc.)

Round the clock access to deep liquidity in 162 Major, EM and exotic Spot currency pairs as well as precious metals and NDFs

With access to over 500 price streams globally, and strong participation from local currency specialists within our franchise, we are able to offer unique differentiated liquidity for each currency pair, specifically customized to your trading needs

Credit risk mitigation and access to the ECN is provided via a network of CCPs, PBs, PoPs and Direct Bank Lines. Trades are routed to systematically provide credit and clearing efficiencies. Pre-trade risk limits can be defined to constrain exposure

Meet genuine, uncorrelated, diversified client flow and firm liquidity from leading Market Makers on our Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) powered by the Eurex T7’s ultra-low latent matching technology, providing real-time tick data at 67 micro-seconds for ultimate price transparency devoid of black-out periods from snapshotted Market Data. Ability to access this market through existing FIX connectivity or directly through out low-latency ETI API

The familiar full amount streaming capabilities from 360T’s TEX are also available in the anonymous market, with discrete risk transfer capabilities of up to $250mm

Liquidity Providers can provide sweepable and full amount streams simultaneously for widest participation whilst receiving complete benefit of the platform’s full amount liquidity protections

ECN pricing is sourced from NY4, LD4 and TY3 and latency sensitive participants can co-locate for millisecond access to the market. Local price feeds originate from regional risk books and offer unique execution opportunities

With a team of liquidity managers across the globe, our focus is on building and curating sustainable pools of liquidity for each portfolio of order flow to ensure that market access intention match the appropriate quality of service of liquidity

Our SOR algorithms are tuned to complement our liquidity optimization efforts by routing order flow into liquidity pools that offer superior execution outcomes measured through higher fill ratio, lower market impact and lower response times

Accurate and precise insights on your participation allow you to optimise your performance, and is complemented with the deep experience from our execution managers in your region

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