360T’s Automated FX Swaps Trading Platform

Our 360TGTX M|M platform is a fully automated FX Swaps limit order book with a mid-rate matching capability designed for the interbank trading community.

This innovative platform represents a natural progression in the continuing trend towards automation within the FX Swaps market, offering a more efficient, transparent and, ultimately, more cost effective way for firms to trade with one another.


Price Transparency

An indicative streaming mid-rate, from the Swaps Data Feed, encourages members to exchange risk at mid-market in a dark pool. For those wishing to work their interest, resting bids and offers can be placed either side of the mid in a traditional limit order book, with rich functionality.


Comprehensive market surveillance reporting and robust rulebooks provide clients with confidence in the activities and conduct of other participants on the 360T platform.

Regulated Environment

360TGTX M|M is designated as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), meaning that market participants can trade on the platform secure in the knowledge that they are in compliance with the MiFID II requirements.

Relationship Management

Advanced relationship management tools offer visibility and enhanced controls. Users benefit from workflow efficiencies and electronic, fully auditable, and immediate changes.

Reduced Execution Costs

API connectivity brings execution efficiency and the opportunity to optimise credit decisions. The ability to execute at mid, and to move from a resting order to executing on a price stream further improves execution and can reduce cost and risk.

Efficient Use of Credit

Automated credit checks remove existing manual processes and provide real-time certainty of execution. Participants can choose between either an API connection to their own proprietary credit engines or 360T’s Limit Monitor, a parameterised risk management tool.

360T Differentiators

Indicative Streaming Mid-Rates

The indicative mid-market rate is provided via 360T’s unique Swaps Data Feed (SDF) allows members to submit interest to buy or sell in a dark mid book. The SDF delivers real-time data across the curve from ON out to 2 years in over 25 currency pairs, providing swaps market data in G10, EM and NDF’s. The limit order book also provides access to firm bid and offer liquidity.

Fully Automated Credit Model

The management of credit lines has, up until now, been one of the greatest challenges to the automation and growth of FX Swaps. 360TGTX M|M solves this by operating bilateral automated credit models that remove the manual credit check for FX Swaps trading.

GUI and API access

We have a long and successful history of working with our bank partners across the entire 360T technology suite. Recognising that, we believe that supporting the continued growth of the FX swap market requires a model that offers harmonious access for both GUI traders and API automated trading. GUI access is via our existing Bridge platform and the 360TGTX M|M API connects trading, market data, credit checks, and execution STP.

Additional Features

GUI and API Access
360TGTX M|M is available to traders via the 360T Bridge GUI. Firms can also connect electronically via FIX API, allowing both streaming prices to the limit order book and mid order placement.
Relationship Management Tools
Counterparty permission tools allow greater granularity of relationship management by currency pair, tenor and direction.
Surveillance and Reporting
As an MTF, 360TGTX M|M was designed to include full audit and surveillance capabilities, as well as the entire reporting suite required of regulated venues.
Public Rulebook
360TGTX M|M offers complete transparency about its operating procedures via the published 360T MTF Rulebook.

Get the most out of 360TGTX M|M

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