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    About the Event

    The TradeTech FX Amsterdam 2022 is coming up in just a few months and 360T is looking forward to meeting you all again at one of the biggest FX industry gatherings of 2022.

    Therefore, we cordially invite you to 360T TradeTech Drinks for a night at one of Amsterdam’s finest bars to enjoy a cold beverage amongst industry professionals, and finish off a first successful conference day on the 27th of September 2021, at 9pm at the W Lounge Amsterdam.

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    Please note that places are limited
    and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you in London!
    Your 360T Team


    W Lounge, 

    W Hotel, Spuistraat 175, 1012 VN Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    360T Market Data Feeds

    360T Market Data Feeds are a unique, independent and a reliable source from the FX OTC market.

    360T offers a comprehensive set of Market Data Feeds to the Global Financial and Investment community. Promoting market transparency since 2000, 360T Data solutions provides market participants with quality and actionable information, essential to supporting confident price discovery and competitive price determination.

    Encompassing market activity across Interbank, Institutional and Corporate customer segments, on disclosed and undisclosed connections, across global time zones, 360T Market Data provides high quality, independent and reliable data across Spot, Swaps and FWDs.

    Delivering real time and historical data via dedicated FIX connections or via a number of Information venues, 360T can connect to virtually any application software, facilitating streamlined sourcing of market information.


    360T EMS: One Integrated System for Asset Managers

    360T’s Execution Management System (EMS) is an integrated, easily configurable system which offers customised workflow solutions designed to cater for a wide range of trading requirements.

    It allows you to trade in a smarter, faster, safer and more cost-efficient manner in one integrated system for your end-to-end workflow. The rules-based automation system contained within 360T EMS, gives the opportunity for the trading team to embrace a sophisticated low- or no-touch dealing strategy, freeing up resources for complex or large FX trades.

    When combined with 360T’s unique Market Data Services, 360T EMS gives you the opportunity to define and implement your own best execution policy, taking into account market and regulatory changes whilst incorporating your own unique needs and workflows.