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Broker / Dealers

360T has developed a state-of-the-art Broker administration tool which allows straight credit account trading, prime brokerage and margin account dealing.

Broker/Dealers provide their services to a retail and institutional client base, which demands product diversity and different functionality to match the type of trading which they do. As a Broker/Dealer, you need to be able to offer the range of trading tools to match your customer, while still maintaining the operational control over account management and risk.

360T has developed a state-of-the-art Broker administration tool which allows straight credit account trading, prime brokerage and margin account dealing. A Broker/Dealer can choose to offer a price directly or is capable of sourcing the required liquidity back-to-back. 360T offers outstandingly robust and cost-efficient technology to support online Broker trading, and is an industry leading provider of automation in back-to-back liquidity sourcing.

The White Label closed-network solution enables Broker/Dealers to provide highly competitive branded electronic trading services across multiple financial instruments in the most efficient way.

Tradable Products

FX Spot
FX Forwards
FX Swaps (even and uneven)
FX Options
Cleared FX and FX Futures
FX Limit Orders
Precious Metals
Energy/Fuel Commodities
Time Loans/Deposits incl. Rollovers
Money Market Funds

Your Benefits


Back-to-back automated dealing from client base to multi-bank liquidity sources.

Best Execution

External execution guaranteed at best price at time of execution.

Clearing/FX Futures

Access to cleared FX and FX Futures.


Clients privacy safeguarded, as external banks see only Broker/Dealer as counterparty.

Spread Management

Spreads can be added to each individual client request according to client and/or request.

Transparent Pricing

Greater efficiency in sourcing of FX Spot, Forward, Swap and FX Options.

Pre-and Post-Trade STP

Seamless integration to any position-keeping/ account management system and to Traiana’s Harmony prime brokerage network.

Audit Trail

A complete electronic audit trail for each transaction is available online. External trade details capture price offers at time of execution, compliant with MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) best price execution requirements.


Comprehensive reporting tools allowing Broker/Dealers to identify cost savings, counterparty rankings, volumes by product and currency pair and many more analytical benefits.

Prime Brokerage

Integration to comprehensive prime Broker services to access better prices and deeper liquidity.

Fast Implementation

Set-up is as easy as implementing a browser based tool. Broker/Dealers deploying the white label service can implement a customised set-up at the client side to provide a simplified view limited to the products they are authorised to see.

Spot FX API Trading

Via a proprietary or FIX API technology, fully automated trade execution is available, enabling users to receive a real-time data feed to submit trade requests and get automated confirmation of trade activity.

Support / Training / Post Sales Support

Comprehensive 24h support. For training purpose a separate test environment is provided.

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