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Customised Trading

Customised trading for all professional OTC market participants

360T offers trading solutions for professional buy- and sell-side participants and is used currently by all OTC market segments around the globe. In-house technology development means that 360T has dedicated functionality for

On the sell side, currently more than 200 market maker banks are providing liquidity in different asset classes, products and currencies. Crucial for today´s advanced trading environment, they also deliver extremely competitive pricing and reliably accurate execution.

360T operates and constantly refines an entirely autonomous, proprietary technology and can therefore ensure short product development cycles. In this way, 360T has the capacity and total control to provide clients with a timely development of solutions and functionalities and we can deliver the needs of our customers triggered by trends or changing market requirements. As we believe it is important to keep a close relationship with all our clients and the FX trading industry, 360T is in constant dialogue with all kinds of market participants, technology vendors, consultants and other relevant organizations.

360T operates on a bank-independent basis, also reflected by an entirely industry independent ownership structure. This lends 360T the trust and credit of all partners and clients on both sides of the market and the ability to offer objective advice, support and the technology solution that best meets their respective trading needs.

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360T´s Bridge –  a highly customizable RFS Live Pricing GUI

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