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  Asset Managers  

To asset managers, it is highly important that the structure of funds, and the particularities associated with the individual way they are used to transacting with their liquidity providers, can be mapped and reflected by a highly automated, error-free trading process. 360T has matched these requirements, as it offers the ability to trade in the name of various entities/funds combined with seamless integration to the customer´s downstream infrastructure/Risk and Portfolio Management Systems.

360T´s innovative trading solutions allow asset managers to improve their services to their own clients while at the same time reducing associated risks through standardisation, automation and integration.

360T´s functionality covers block trading of multiple funds, either of the same tenure or various multi-forward tenures, against a basket of liquidity providers. With its pre-trade allocation function, fund managers can pre-assign - by notional value or percentage - against every fund entity.

360T´s market taker API allows trade requests to be uploaded directly from a position keeping systems or order management tool to create automatic requests.

TEX® Multidealer Trading System enables Asset Managers to trade multiple financial instruments in the most efficient way.


Tradable products are:

  • FX Spot
  • FX Forwards
  • FX Swaps (even and uneven)
  • FX Rollovers
  • FX Options
  • FX Limit Orders
  • NDFs
  • Precious Metals
  • Time Loans/Deposits incl. Rollovers
  • Money Market Funds
  • FRAs
  • IRS


The key benefits of trading via 360T are:

  • Transparent Pricing/Best Execution
    Greater efficiency in sourcing of FX, MM and /Interest Rate Derivative products from multiple providers simultaneously.

  • Straight-Through Processing (STP)
    Online electronic deal export interface provides seamless integration to any Portfolio or Order Management System.

  • MiFid Compliant Audit Trail
    A complete trade history, audit trail and record of competitive bids are maintained for each transaction.

  • Block Trade Functionality
    Allows users to create a single request for multiple accounts across multiple value dates and combines buy and sell legs.

  • API Trading
    Fully automated trade request import is available via proprietary API (Application Programme Interface) technology, enabling users to receive real-time data feed, submit trade requests, and receive automated confirmation of trade activity.

  • Costs
    NO monthly access fees / NO transaction charges no matter which instruments you trade.

  • Performance and Activity Reports
    Detailed reporting of all trading activities and performance parameters from market maker banks is delivered free of charge every month and half year aggregated basis.

  • Fast Implementation
    Setting up a 360T solution via a convenient web-based access tool is not a major undertaking. In fact, it´s just as quick and easy as installing a browser-based tool.

  • Bank Independence
    360T is the only multi-bank portal that offers technology which it is 100% developed and maintained in-house and is independent of any market maker ownership or involvement.

  • Support / Training / Post Sales Support
    360T offers comprehensive 24h/7 Sales and Technical Support. A separate test server environment is provided for training purposes.

  • Executable Streaming Spot - Supersonic Trader™
    Supersonic Trader™, 360T´s unique solution for ultimately liquid and fast FX spot trading combines liquidity of permanent streams and RFS. Its relationship-based, non-anonymous "Streaming Price Aggregator" model enables dealers to build and monitor their own book of individual stream providers for each currency couple. Resting orders enable dealers to manage their position professionally & effectively.

  • I-TEX® Intra-Group Trading System / In-house Order Routing
    I-TEX® allows a central execution desk to tie in fund managers or intra-group dealing desks to form an effective execution hub. It allows to effective net, aggregate and control the group execution requests . The solution supports professional trading and order management across multiple instruments. A rule-based pricing and margin engine, comfortably configured and controlled from a desktop, differentiates pricing by fund manager, instrument, currency, tenure and notional.

  • Order Management Tool
    360T´s scalable order management system is designed to support and simplify the FX Limit Order process.


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